Latino Challenges / Retos en la lucha

Latino Challenges in the Struggle Toward Racial Justice
a workshop with cambio INTEGRAL

This two-day workshop is for people who work with and in Latino communities in the US. It provides a Latino perspective on racism, the insidious social force that continues to hinder human well-being and full development in our society today.

In this workshop, participants engage in a critical analysis of power and examine the destructive impact of racism upon Latino communities. Together we explore the relationship between racism, eurocentrism, classism and other forms of oppression, and how these also negatively effect all communities of color. Additionally, we take a look at current efforts in the US to rapidly assimilate light-skinned Latinos and Latinas into the white US American collective, efforts that both undermine our cultural and political identities, and weaken the nationwide anti-racism movement.

Most importantly, this workshop offers a process of healing through critical consciousness and change through responsive action. Through an integral approach to leadership development for social transformation, the workshop seeks to foster multi-racial alliance-building and organizing that brings together Latinos and Latinas with other People of Color and whites in the struggle against racism.

Among the topics closely examined are:

  • Race and Racism within The Matrix of Dominant Culture
  • Hispanic or Latino: Identity Complexities in a Race-Based Society
  • Don’t be eRACEd by the Census: Latinos, Demographic Shifts and the Ever-Changing Political Nature of “Race”
  • Racial identity and the stages of social identity development
  • La cultura cura: The Healing Power of Culture
  • Consciousness-in-Action: Integral Organizing for Liberation & Transformation

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Workshop trainers, María I. Reinat-Pumarejo and Raúl Quiñones-Rosado, PhD, have been committed to leadership development and anti-oppression community organizing since 1992. Through their work in Puerto Rico, the United States, and internationally, they apply the principles and practices of liberating transformation to well-being and development in the context of oppression. María is Director and Senior Organizer of Colectivo Ilé, and is a Core Trainer with The People’s Institute for Survival & Beyond. Raúl, Founder/Principal of cambio•INTEGRAL, is an antiracism organizer and liberation psychologist, and is author of Consciousness-in-Action: Toward an Integral Psychology of Liberation & Transformation.

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